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10,000 บาท


- 8 Port Gigabits

- Transfer capability 11.9Mpps

- 256 VLAN


Dimensions ไม่ใช่ 10/100/1000BASE-T ports 8
Auto Negotiation มี MDI / MDI-X auto-switching ใช่
Switching capacity 20Gbit / s Transfer capability 11.9Mpps
Maximum MAC address registration number 8,192 Frame buffer 176KB
Port VLAN มี Tag VLAN (IEEE802.1Q) มี
Maximum number of VLAN 256 (VLAN ID 1 ~ 4,094) Flow Control IEEE802.3x (full duplex), back pressure (half duplex)
Support function Multiple VLAN, port QoS (DSCP value setting), loop detection, port mirroring, port shutdown, link speed down shift, packet counter, power-saving mode Switch control function (※ 1) Management auto configured from the router, management control from the GUI / command of routers, network configuration display, VLAN batch configuration, host search, via SNMP on the router
System requirements 0 ~ 40 ℃ ambient temperature, and (non-condensing) 15-80% humidity Power (Prevention bracket missing power) AC100V (50/60Hz), built-in power supply (no power switch), parallel 2-pole plug, power inlet
Maximum power consumption (apparent power), maximum current consumption, heat value 7W (13VA), 0.13A, 25.2kJ / h Chassis Metal housing, fanless
Interference standards, environmental impact management VCCI Class A, RoHS compatible, energy saving law compliance External dimensions (Excluding protrusions) (including the legs) 220 (W) × 44 (H) × 118 (D) mm
(Accessories not included) Mass 950g State indicator (front) (PORT lamp, displayed by switching LINK / ACT, SPEED, DUPLEX, by the STATUS MODE button) POWER, MODE × 2, PORT × 8
Accessories Power cable, power omission prevention bracket, instruction manual (including warranty) Option 19-inch rack mount (tray type) Kit, Magnet Kit
Setting means Configuration using the (GUI / command of RTX1200/NVR500) Yamaha routers, configuration using the PC application Energy consumption efficiency (W / (Gbit / s)) (※ 2) C division 0.8
Maximum effective transmission rate (Gbit / s) 8.0 Number of ports and port speed measurement 1Gbit / s: 8


(※ 1) requires separate router that supports the switch control function.

(※ 2) energy consumption efficiency of the switch based on the "Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy".


External view

  1. 1. POWER indicator
  2. 2. MODE switch button
  3. 3. MODE indicator
  4. 4. PORT indicator
  5. 5. LAN port
  6. 6. POWER inlet
  7. 7. Metal brace power cable

How to enter the configuration page from SWX2200 Setup screen RTX810


Show topology (topology display screen)


I set the VLAN tag


I set the multiple VLAN





Tags สินค้า

ใช่ช่องว่างแบ่ง tag. ใช้ single quotes (') สำหรับคำพูด.