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Gigabit Multi-Business Router

● 4 Gigabit WAN Ports
● Throughput up to 100Mbps
● Multi-WAN strategy and load balancing
● Support VPN protocol
● Support Portal Authentication
● Support Bandwidth Control


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What it does

SE3100 is a Qos VPN router for Small Business, Branch Office & Internet Cafe. Smart bandwidth control and Multi WAN load balance realize optimal bandwidth usage. Multiple VPN protocols such as IPSec/PPTP/L2TP help users establishing VPN more flexibly. Intergrated with user authentication merchanism make it be capabe to customize the time duration for customer to access internet. It is idle network access solution for enterprise with 120 end-users.

Product Features

QoS Bandwidth Management
1.Featured Smart QoS to automatically control bandwidth usage to avoid network congestion
2.Allocating bandwidth according to different time periods to fit into diverse network environments
3.Supporting priority QoS to set bandwidth level for different person/group

Multi-WAN Ports
1.Realizing Bandwidth Averaging with 4WAN ports and reserving the possibility of bandwidth expansion in the future.
2.Supporting 2 Balance modes: Session-based, IP-based to optimize bandwidth usage.

Portal Authentication
Portal Authentication is one of the methods of authentication supported by SE3100 . It presents a web page which requires action on the part of the user before network access is granted.
1.Customize the Internet access time for customers
2.Display intermediate advertisements while users are browsing free WiFi
3.Redirect to specified website to improve the brand image or promotion

1. Providing up to 32 PPTP VPN connections.
2. Displaying status of PPTP VPN connections.
3. Allowing using Windows2000/XP embedded PPTP client to dial to router.

1. Providing up to 32 L2TP VPN connections.
2. Displaying status of L2TP VPN connections.
3. Allowing using Windows2000/XP embedded PPTP client to dial to router.

1. Providing up to 32 IPSec VPN connections.
2. Providing comprehensive IPSec VPN with DES/3DES/AES encryptions, MD5/SHA1 identifications and automatically/manually IKE Pre-Share Key exchanges.
3. Supporting IPSec VPN in Gateway to Gateway

DDNS Service
Dynamic DNS service gives a way to keep domain name pointing to dynamic IP address to allow you to remotely access your computer, DVR, webcam, camera system, and other devices using an easy to remember custom hostname.
1. Supporting dynamic DNS services like DynDNS and No-IP.
2. Supporting DDNS service updating synchronously to simplify the management.


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