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3,300 บาท


  • Taifatech TF470
  • 5xPort Ethernet


CPU Taifatech TF470 RAM embedded 96K SRAM
RouterOS x86 LAN Port 5
Gigabit Yes MiniPCI ไม่ใช่
miniPCI-e ไม่ใช่ Integrated Wireless ไม่
Wireless standards ไม่ USB No
Dimensions 113x89x28mm. Weight without packaging and cables: 142g
RB250GS is an Ethernet switch. It has five Gigabit ethernet ports powered by an Atheros Switch Chip. It is powered by a new operating system designed specifically for MikroTik Switch products - SwOS. SwOS is configurable from your web browser. It gives you all the basic functionality for a managed switch, plus more: Allows to manage port-to-portforwarding, apply MAC filter, configure VLANs, mirror traffic, apply bandwidth limitation and even adjust some MAC and IP header fields. Box contains: RB250GS, plastic case, power supply


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