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- LAN 4 Port Gigabits

- WAN 1 Port Gigabits

- RAM 256MB

- 1 MicroSD slot

- Throughput Up to 1Gbit / s


Dimensions ไม่ใช่ Network services and support line FTTH (optical fiber), ADSL, CATV, ATM line, IP-VPN network, wide area Ethernet network, a mobile telephone network, FLET'S services, IPv6 PPPoE / IPoE (FLET'S Hikari Next line), data connect (FLET'S Hikari Next line)
LAN port 1 port (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T, straight / cross automatic discrimination) ※ The body referred to as "LAN1", LAN1 port 4-port switching hub LAN1 switch function N/A
WAN port 1 port (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T, straight / cross automatic discrimination function) ※ the body is referred to as the "LAN2" ISDN U port -
ISDN S / T port - PRI port -
LINE port - TEL port -
microSD slot 1 slot (SDHC compatible) USB port (※ 1) 1 port (USB 2.0 Type-A, the power supply current: up to 500mA, corresponding to the USB memory / USB data communication terminal) (※ 2)
Console port (setting) 1 port (D-sub9 pin, DTE mode fixed, 9,600bit / s) Expansion slot -
Flash ROM 16MB (firmware: 1 set, configuration: There are 5 sets / history function) RAM 256MB
Status display lamp Front: 6 (POWER, STATUS, LAN1, LAN2, microSD, USB), rear: 10 (LINK × 5, SPEED × 5) System requirements Ambient temperature 0~50 ℃, ambient humidity 15 to 80% (non-condensing)
Power AC100V (50 / 60Hz), built-in power supply, parallel two-pole plug, the ground terminal, power switch, power switch guard Maximum power consumption (apparent power), maximum current consumption, heat value 11W (23VA), 0.23A, 39.6kJ / h
Energy saving function Unused LAN port of the shutdown, LED brightness control, microSD slot / USB port stop Enclosure temperature measurement -
Chassis Plastic enclosure, fanless Interference standards, environmental impact management VCCI Class A, RoHS compatible
External dimensions 220 (W) × 42.6 (H) × 160.5 (D) mm (cable, does not include terminal class is) (Accessories not included) Mass 870g
Accessories LAN cable (one: 3m), booklet (Please read in the beginning, warranty card), CD-ROM (1 sheet: [PDF] manual Command Reference setting example collection, [software] FWX-ConfigConverter · RT-FileGuard · MD5SUM) (※ 19) (※ 20) Throughput (※ 2) Up to 1.0Gbit / s (※ 4)
IPsec throughput (※ 3) Up to 200Mbit / s (※ 5) IPv6 connection type Native, tunnel, dual stack, RA proxy, DHCPv6-PD, IPv6 PPPoE
Routing Protocols for IP, IPv6, bridge function IP routing protocols RIP, RIP2, OSPF, BGP4 (EBGP, IBGP)
IPv6 routing protocol RIPng Route Number of entries (※ 4) Up to 2,000 (※ 3)
The route and OSPF neighbor number (※ 4) 10 when the neighbor: route number 2,000 (※ 3) BGP4 route number (※ 4) Up to 2,000 (※ 3)
WAN protocol PPPoE PPPoE sessions Five
Authentication function RADIUS, PAP / CHAP, MS-CHAP / MS-CHAPv2 Management protocol SNMP (v1, v2c, v3)
Statistics and Management Functions Graphical representation of statistical information (CPU utilization, memory utilization, traffic, fast-path number of flows, the number of NAT entry, number of routes, the number of policy filter session, the amount of processing of QoS queue), the stati Program Management (※ 5) Config multiplexing (history function), DOWNLOAD button · Web GUI · TFTP / SFTP · external memory (microSD, USB memory) revision up from, external memory (microSD, USB memory) the first boot of the stored firmware configuration to
Logging facility Stored in the memory, the output of at SYSLOG, (there is the encryption function) output to the external memory (microSD, USB memory), the log storage (power off log save function) when the power switch disconnect, reboot the log save function Contents of the log Filtered packets, and operating status of the various functions
Log storage capacity Up to 3,000 lines Setting means Console, TELNET server (multiple), TELNET client, SSH server (multiple), Web GUI (custom GUI compatible), external memory (microSD, USB memory) setting via, download / upload by TFTP / SFTP, via FOMA line remote Setup (※ 17), remote setup via data connect
VPN capabilities IPsec (VPN features: NAT traversal, XAUTH) + AES128 / 256,3DES, DES (cryptographic functions: hardware processing) + IKE / IKEv2 (main mode, aggressive mode), PPTP (VPN function) + RC4 (cryptographic functions) (※ 11 ), L2TP / IPsec, IPIP tunnel VPN ground number (IPsec) 30 (※ 6)
VPN ground number (PPTP) Four VPN ground number (IPsec + PPTP) 30 (※ 7)
QoS features (control system) Priority control, bandwidth control (Dynamic Traffic Control), Dynamic Class Control, VPN QoS (※ 10), band detection function, the load notification function QoS features (classification scheme) IP address, protocol, port number, ToS field
(Cooperation with the network side QoS features) QoS function Color ring (ToS), ToS → CoS conversion Private network service facility Tag VLAN, IPv6 multicast (MLDv1, MLDv2, MLD proxy)
Tag VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q) 8ID for each LAN Security Features URL filtering function (external database reference type and internal database reference type) (※ 12) (※ 13), DHCP terminal authentication function, filter configuration verification, password strength check, Winny filter (Winny Version2 correspondence),
Firewall function (IPv4/IPv6 static filtering) Corresponding at the input cut-off filter (IP address, port, protocol (Established, there TCP flag), source / destination, up to 128 set to the LAN side / WAN side) Firewall function (IPv4/IPv6 dynamic filtering) Correspond by policy filter (IP address, protocol, service (port), freedom defined in the source / destination, up to 256 setting)
Dynamic filter Sessions 32,000 (policy filter maximum number of sessions) Firewall (IDS: IPv4 unauthorized access detection) Applied to the IN / OUT of the LAN side / WAN side, IP header, IP option header, ICMP · UDP · TCP · FTP in categories such as 31 kinds of possible detection of unauthorized access, unauthorized access detection mail notification function
Address translation (NAT descriptor function) NAT, IP masquerade, static NAT, static IP masquerade, DMZ host function, PPTP pass-through (multiple sessions) (※ 8), IPsec pass-through (1 session), FTP support, traceroute support, ping response, SIP-NAT support ( ※ 9), IP masquerade conversion session NAT Sessions 32,000
Backup function VRRP, floating static, backed up to the VPN / Ethernet by the network / Tunnel backup feature, backup e-mail notification IP keepalive ground number (※ 13) 100 (※ 15)
Data compression CCP (Stac LZS), VJC Router function DHCP server, DHCP client, DHCP relay agent, DNS recursive server, DNS server selection function, CIDR, PROXY ARP, SNTP server, NTP client, LAN secondary address setting, filter routing, LOOPBACK / NULL interface, packet forwarding filter, multi-homing, sc
Extension Lua script Default IP address
Telephone function - Specifications Target firmware (※ 5) Rev.11.03.13 (※ 21)


(※ 1) ADSL, CATV, to connect the line such as FTTH (fiber-optic), requires a separate ADSL modem, cable modem or media converter. In connection with the ATM line, ATM-TA is required separately. In addition, since there is also a provider that does not allow the use of multiple computers, please confirm the agreement.

(※ 2) it does not guarantee the operation of all of the USB memory. USB hub is not available. The latest of the corresponding USB data communication terminal will be published in the technical information (RTpro) site.

(※ 3) is a numerical value based on the measurement results was carried out in our company.

(※ 4) throughput value, measured value by SmartBits (no NAT, no filter, two-way) is.

(※ 5) According to the AES + SHA1 at the time of use SmartBits, it is a measure of the shipping version (two-way). 

(※ 6) ground the number of L2TP / IPsec also includes the ground the number of IPsec.

(※ 7) IPsec, PPTP, if used in combination with VPN configuration of L2TP / IPsec will be that the total number.

(※ 8) In the case of PPTP client, corresponding to multiple sessions. PPTP server is one session.

(※ 9) can be used in combination with IP telephone service. Yamaha VoIP gateway NVR500 · RT58i · RT57i · RTV700 (either one or cascade 1 configuration only) can be installed under. It should be noted that, (a private IP address to the LAN side) a fixed global IP address on the WAN side is required.
(※ 10) is the ability to apply the QoS in the IPsec tunnel.

(※ 11) This product is equipped with a RSA Security Inc. of RSA (R) BSAFE (TM) software. RC4 and BSAFE is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries of RSA Security Inc..

(※ 12) In order to use an external database reference type URL filter, it requires a separate contract with a service company.

(※ 13) this product be to act as a proxy server, you can restrict Web access by HTTPS by internal database reference type URL filter.

(※ 14) In order to use the e-mail security features require a separate purchase of the option. More information about the features here please visit.
(※ 15) without a combination of such as VPN and network backup function, is the ground the number of cases to be used to monitor the IP keepalive function.

(※ 16) L2MS (Layer2 Management Service) is the ability to manage the Yamaha network equipment in the Layer 2 level.

(※ 17) model corresponding to the calling operation, RTX3000 (Rev.9.00.24 later) · RTX1500 (Rev.8.03.60 later) · RTX1210 · RTX1200 · RTX1100 (Rev.8.03.60 later) · RT58i (Rev will be .9.01.29 later) · NVR500.

(※ 18) "10. ×. ×. ×", "172.16. ×. × ~ 172.31. ×. ×" the Internet using the private address such as "192.168. ×. ×" in the environment (CATV, etc.), net volante DNS service can not be used.

(※ 19) RT-FileGuard is a utility software to encrypt / decrypt the file, such as Config and SYSLOG on the PC.

(※ 20) FWX-ConfigConverter is a utility software to convert the Config of SRT100 for FWX120.

(※ 21) latest program, technical information (RTpro) site we have published on the.


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  1. 1.Download button                                                                                 6.Earth terminal
  2. 2.Power indicator                                                                                    7.Power switch
  3. 3.Network status display lamp                                                              8.Power switch guard
  4. 4.microSD slot                                                                                          9.console
  5. 5.USB port                                                                                                10.LAN1 port
  6.                                                                                                                     11.LAN2 port


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